GTX 660 June 25th

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  1. OEM only it looks like, but still cool.
  2. At least we might get to see some benches to gauge its performance.
  3. Yeah, and then hopefully a GTX+/ti model to follow.
  4. Here is a newer article (this one is in english):

    appartenlty it will be based on gf104 (same as 670 and 680) which means no ti version. Also only 1.5 Gb in stead of 2GB on the 7850 and 7870...
  5. My guess is the .5GB won't make much of a difference if the GTX670 and 680 are any indication.
  6. According to videocardz, the only difference between the 660 and 660ti are clock speeds and VRAM.
  7. the 660ti hasn't been updated, the 660 had lower specs until it got released.

    got fingers crossed for 256 bit memory . .
  8. It looks like the other gf104s are 256 plus its competitors (7850 and 7870), still if its only 1.5GB it can't be more than $250, unless is really outperforms the 7850 than $300 at the most. If it does turn out being less than 256 or not up to par, I'll be picking up a 7870 unless the 670 drops to $350.
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