Build set, which cooler? IB i5k

Buying this build today

The i5K will be on a constant but slight overclock to maybe 4ghz...ish
Can't decide on the cooler..

I like the smaller no led zalmen for both looks and size

But do I need the larger version with led to keep this IB cool at that OC?

Case Antec 900 - plenty of room
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  1. Personally I would go with:


    Thousands of solid reviews. Very good performance. The EVO does a few degrees better, but costs $10 more (if you count shipping) but the Plus does a great job as well.
  2. what motherboard do you have? I have a MSI Z77 GD55 and a hyper 212+ and it barely fits because of the ram. the ram slot closest to the CPU is actually being bent slightly by the fan, not enough to break the ram or the slot though. I tried pointing the fan upwards by this is even worse and wont fit at all. I have corsair vengeance ram though, it might clear normal ram. the hyper 212+ is awesome, but make sure it will fit. if you aren't sure ask me.
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