EP45T-UD3P Freeze/Stuck in auto-reboot loop

For the past year my motherboard has run fine, with the 600 watt Rosewill Power supply, Quad core CPU, 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM, XP 64-bit, etc etc.

Earlier today it suddenly froze for seemingly no reason. It had been performing beautifully but suddenly stopped responding to commands. I hit the reset button, and it got stuck in an auto-reboot loop, not even reaching BIOS. (Oddly, the Phase LED lights indicated maximum CPU load during the loops.) After leaving it be for a bit, it turned on normally, but only stayed on for a few minutes before freezing again.

I know that the memory, CPU, etc are all compatible because as I said it had run for a year with no issues. I did notice some odd voltages in the reading on Speedfan, but since I can't access BIOS I've been unable to verify them. (Here is a screenshot of those readings I took during the few minutes it was running:

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  1. Check the 'sticky', under 'Boot Loops'...
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