New HD 5870 seems to not be working?

I got an HD 5850 and it was DOA...I got a refund and got an HD 5870 (Diamond) instead, but it seems to not be working? I put it in the PCI-E slot, plugged it into the power supply. I plugged in two 6-pin PCI-E connectors from the PSU into the card...and nothing happened. Tried it on another slot and still nothing. So it appears that this card is dead to? What are the odds of receiving two DOA cards? I might add that when plugged, the fans work on the card.

My system:
Corsair 750 W PSU
ASrock58 Extreme motherboard
Intel Core i7 920 CPU
6gb OCZ PC1600 Ram
1TB Western Digital Hard Drive 7200rpm as primary drive
500gb Maxtor 7200 RPM hard drive

On a similar, related note...with my first HD 5850 when I put it in my system (not knowing it was DOA) it seemed to fry my motherboard...and every other component in my PC. Hard drives (both of them), floppy drive, DVD-Rom drive, CPU, Memory...has anybody hear of anything like that happen before? I know for a fact that my motherboard was dead and wound up sending my MB, CPU and memory back to newegg for a my replacements and it appears that the drives and the DVD-Rom are all dead....which makes me not a happy camper because I had data I didn't want to loose on those drives...
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  1. Have you had this computer running with another video card prior to the new Radeons ?
  2. Yes, I have an 8600 GTS 512mb and it works just fine with it. Both the new motherboard and the replacement I got after it fried worked fine.

    The Diamond card did not come with any PCI to molex adapters...but I noticed that my Geforce 8600 GTS would not work with either the new Corsair or my older power supply unless I was using the adapter...if I trie dusing the PCI-E cables from the powers supply it wouldn't work, is this a similar case? Do I need to go out and buy another PCI to molex adapter (I already have one form my Geforce card).
  3. I tried a few other configurations. I tried connecting a PCI-E cable from the PSU and a PCI-E to molex connector...and when I tried it the fans on the PC spun for half a second and nothing. Tried putting the old GPU back in and guess what? The new *replacement* motherboard is now dead as well. I tried the new PSU with my old motherboard and it worked, but it won't work with the new motherboard now. So I have to send it back AGAIN - only this time Newegg won't let me. Its been more than 30 days...also sending back the GPU.
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