(Another) P5Q Posting Issue

I have read that others are having the same issue with their Asus P5Q series motherboards as I seem to be having and the problem is starting to grow very old. Here are my computer specs...

Asus P5Q (vanilla) (all settings on auto except for ram)
Q9550 oc'd to 3.2 ghz (though oc'd or not doesn't matter)
3 megs of A-Data 800 mhz ram (at 1.82 volts)
1 640 gb sata hd that will boot into XP
1 120 gb sata hd that will boot into Windows 7
1 120 gb ide dive that will boot into Ununtu 10.(wahtever is current)
ide DVD drive that I can't remember much about
Have just swapped out an ati 3650 to and older Ati x1650 xt
Creative X-Fi sound card
Pinnacle (no clue) tv-tuner card
Antech 500w earth(something) powersupply (that I just bought to replace a coolmaster 500w power supply)
Just purchased and replaced the bios chip from ASUS

The computer was ruuning fine until I cleaned the dust out, and I did remove the video card at that time, but that it all I removed from the case.

The computer will usually post fine the first time you turn it on, but after that the trouble starts. Sometimes it will not post at all for many tries, i will then (sometimes) turn off the main power and try again or if I have to - clear the cmos. Then when it does I will get the press F1 to enter setup or F2 to continue. I have taken all the cards out en masse and one by one, swapped memory, swapped video cards and checked the hd's 1 by 1. I can take the memory out and try to boot and the computer will protest every time, BUT if I take the video card out it will not always give me an error - out of about 10 ties it did not give me error beeps 2 times. So, after much typing and your time, my question is -What could be causing the non-error code when there should always be one with the missing video card. Is it time to contemplate a new motherboard and if should I get another asus (thinking P5Q pro) will I have to reinstall everything with that as I probably would with another brand?

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  1. As long as you buy another P45 motherboard, you shouldn't have to reinstall the OS. However you might have to reinstall LAN and audio drivers if they are different.

    Did you inspect the motherboard after cleaning the dust to make sure that all connectors still were fully inserted? How did you clean it? With a vacuum cleaner, blowing air on it, another method?
  2. I am pretty sure every thing is seated ok, I have had everything in and out multiple times and have even swapped out the mouse and DVI cable and disconnected the reset button. I have also turned off the serial port and on-board sound through the bios set-up and have contemplated turning off the ethernet controller, just to see. I am thinking about taking out the video card again because, at least in my mind, that should give men an error every time, instead of not quite always.

    Thanks for your reply and help!!!!
  3. At this point, why not test it outside of the case? That will eliminate any possible short circuit to the case itself.
  4. That is something I have not thought of, nor do I look forward to doing, but at this point it seems like a good next step before I decide to either live with it or replace the motherboad. (though it maybe a few days before I do it)

    Again, Thanks
  5. It all started when you cleaned it and only you knows how it was done. There might be debris is the PCI Express slot, etc.
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