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Hey guys,

First off, great site and glad theres a place where people can get help. I'm getting my first desktop in 6 years as I've always been with a laptop (3 actually) to meet the demands of my college. But now I'm considering getting a PC and needed help on deciding what card to put in. I know NOTHING about these cards other than looking for the number after the name (512MB / 256MB) and judging it like that.
I'm getting it through Dell as I feel its the most cost-efficient way and I love the customization they allow.

One of the options they have is a 512MB ATI Raedon HD 4350 vs. an nVidia GeForce GT 220, 1024MB. Now I'm inclined to the GT 220 cause 1024 is bigger than the 512 and hence it seems better. But I'm smart enough to know that's now all there is to it. Which one would be better suited to games like Far Cry and Dragon age? My current Nvidia Q NVS 140M actually does ok on low levels of DA but I want to actually enjoy the visuals of these games.
Im also aware that in a year or two I might have to upgrade when 512's or 1Gigs become obsolete.
Considering the next 1 or 2 years, which would be a better pick for me?
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  1. Both of those are fairly weak cards. For light to moderate gaming, I'd recommend at least a 4650 or 4670. They should not add much to the cost as they are only $50 cards. And for mid/low range cards like these, you definitely do not need more than 512MB ram. Ram speed is much more important, you will want at least DDR3.
  2. Oh, and do you have a link/model number just so we can see which cards they offer? No sense in my recommending one not on their list.
  3. If you have a friend who is into computers you should ask him for help,
    if you buy a graphic cards and put it in yourself, you save a lot of money
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