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i have a dell dimension L700cx computer which i had no problems with before i had a copy of windows installed(illegal) and finally got a legal copy and tried to install it i couldn't get the computer to boot to the windows disk checked bios boot sequence and all cables so i decided to boot to ubuntu and i got into ubuntu which surprised me because i couldn't boot to windows so i formatted the hard drive and rebooted thinking that it was a conflict with windows already being installed tried to boot to windows install disk but i couldn't so i gave up for a while and put it in the closet for a good while about 1 year and took it out to "play" with it and now i don't get a display on boot fans all spin and hard drive spins and CD/DVD drive ejects and takes in a CD/DVD i have checked the jumpers on the drives and the wires but don't know what to do now
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  1. Ok so just to be clear, when you say no display on boot, does your monitor not turn on (ie no signal) or do you just not see anything, including not seeing the bios screen?
  2. yes it does not turn on but the monitor is good i have checked that
  3. Let's find out if it's the graphics card. If you have a dedicated card, try removing it an using the integrated card instead.

    Also, are there any beeps when you boot up? If there is, the code could tell you the problem.
  4. i was using the integrated card but i will use a different graphics card and there are no beeps
  5. i don't know what happened but it works now on the integrated card um... thank you?
    Ok on to computer #3 i have a custom built one and it freezes all the time its not something in windows because it happens in ubuntu also so any ideas?
  6. Probably a broken graphics card then.

    Computer number 3? what happened to #2 lol?

    What are the specs and how old is it? Ever overclock it? When it freezes, try pressing the caps lock on num lock key and tell me if you can make the indicator light on the keyboard go on and off while it is frozen.
    I had the same problem with a Pentium III system on stock speeds. Kinda weird. I lowered it from 1GHz to 930Mhz and it stopped freezing.
  7. It has a amd antholon xp prosessor, 768mb of ram 20gb harddrive primary 20gb harddrive secondary 2 cd drives 1 3 1/2 floppy drive 1 5.25 floppy drive USB pci card I don't know what exatly what overclock means and no I can't see the lights change I don't know how old it is got it at a yardsale ($2)
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