Unlocked CPU cores not recognized

I recently built a PC with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P and an Athlon II x3 Rana. I heard about the locked 4th core so I gave it a shot with my BIOS core unlocker feature.

My BIOS and POST recognize it as a Phenom x4 B50 and the BIOS sees 4 cores. However, CPUZ, AMD System Monitor, and Windows Task Manager only recognize 3 core but still see a Phenom x4 B50.

Is there any reason why this is happening? My BIOS is up to date as well as CPUZ.
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  1. Its just a glitch in the software its a B50 X4 with no L3 Cache
  2. Go into msconfig and make sure that the 4th core is there..
  3. Here is a picture of my CPUZ, Easy Tune, and MSCONFIG Windows. As you can see, the CPU is recognized as x4 but only 3 cores in MSCONFIG.
  4. Just move the tab in msconfig to Number of processors to 4...voila
  5. The highest it goes is to 3. There is no 4...
  6. Bump?
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    Well it appears as though you only have a X3 and a bad fourth core
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