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Just wanted to get a quick opinion on how I will have my fans set up once the last one comes in. Right now I have a 200mm one in the front, a 120mm on the side blowing in, and a 120mm in the back. Ill be getting one more 200mm to put at the top to pull air out. Is this the standard set up or will the fan on the side cause problems? Thanks in advance, everyone here has been a lifesaver these past couple weeks.
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  1. It's a great fan setup!
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    Front, side and bottom intake, rear and top are exhaust normally, although experimentation is always a good plan, every set up differs after all
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  4. Yeah, experimentation is a great idea. In my case, my front bottom fan is set to exhaust, same as top back fan. The two side fan are intake so they bring the cool air in the case. Keep my set up run alot cooler compare to if i set front fan intake.

    So experimentation is the best advice.
  5. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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