Sound Card - Heating Up !?


I have an ASUS P5QC MOBO, it has got 3 PCI-e x 1 ports and a single PCI-e x16 slot for the Display card.
I am using a 9600gt gpu and am ASUS d2X pci-e SoundCard.

My concern is that, the 2 Pci-e slots (1 above and 2 below the Gpu) are too close to the display port. I am left with only 1 option, the last pci-e slot for my sound card which has a gap of 1 pic-e slot between it and the GPU.
I recently discovered (via physical touch) that the sound card gets heated up way too much due to the gpu fan blowing just above it.
Is this an issue (Probably the heat is much for bare hands but not an issue for the hardware) ??
In case if this is really an issue, is there some way I could avoid this happen ? (I do not want to change my Mobo or my GPU for this)
Would a normal fan on this part of the cabinet be helpful by any means?

Looking forward for help.. !

Thanks in advance,

Kiran G
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    The heat is prob not an issue but if you are really concerned you can find a new GPU cooler which will blow it out the back you can find them for around 30 bux. I would just upgrade the GPU, but i would not worry about it the hardware should be able to take the heat they design then Knowing they will be close to a GPU to withstand the heat.
  2. Upgrading the GPU, would that help? I guess normally all GPUs come with a fan at the bottom except for the recent 5870 which I saw is designed to blow out through the behind of the case. If going for a GPU cooler which would you suggest please (havent seen any among them either that blows the air through the back)!?
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