issues with ASRock G41m-s

Hi guys. My motherboard is a ASRock G41m-S. The thing is that today I noticed that it began to be really slow on this screen at startup.

Also, the power LED is not working and my HDD makes some funny noises at startup, i checked the cables and everything is right. I also noticed that my thermaltake fan, the one connected to the motherboard started being a bit more loud (normally i can't hear it over the CPU heatsink fan)
. Here is what hardware monitor shows:

The temps are normal (i know VC is a bit hot but it's massively OC'ed). I have a generic case with a couple of thermaltake 80mm fans (one intake at the side panel and one outtake at the back side of the case) so my airflow is no really great... When I opened the case to see if everything was OK the chipset heatsink was very very hot...

This happened as well when my ASRock G31m-S died some months ago, that's why i bought this one...same sintomes... It's really starting to worry me because the guys from the store where i bought it are a lot of asses and they said that the warranty didn't cover damages in the CPU socket. (wtf, if the socket qas damaged they mobo wouldn't have worked all these months!) and ASRock don't do RMAs to the final customers... What could be the reason why this is happening? I live in Costa Rica and here hardware is very expensive... What can I do? thanks =)
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