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So i decided to OC my systems CPU/RAM/GPU rather than buying another graphics card and such for now. I used the ASrock Turbo Boost 50 for the CPU and RAM and ended up with:
CPU: i7 2600k 3.4Ghz
Core : 4.8MHz
Multiplier : x48.0
Bus Speed: 99.8Mhz
Core Voltage : 1.408

RAM:Corsair Vengeance 16Gb 4x4
DRAM: 800MHz

Even though i used the turbo boost, 1.4cV seems really high for aa OC of 4.8. My CPU doesn't reach over 65c on full load. Should i change anything on the above overclock or should it be fine?
As for my GPU (MSI Lightning Xtreme GTX580) i got it stable at 900/1800/2200 on stock Voltage since idk how to change the voltage at the moment.

All in all i just wanted to check whether or not these settings should be changed at all if it might be harming my system, or if it checks out. Thanks alot you guys are always so helpful when in need.

Cheers, Shmister
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    Voltages seem high because that's one of the problems of not using manual overclocking. Technologies like Turbo Boost tend to go a bit high on voltages. It's probably better to set at least the voltages to manual.
    I'm assuming you're using stock cooler. If that's the case I don't think 65c is bad. You should not let it go much higher but don't worry for now
  2. Thanks ill try to manually change it but id like to keep a 4.8 OC. Appreciate the help :)
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