3g to 8g ram upgrade issue Please Help

So here is the problem. Just resantly i got windows 7 64 bit. (upgrading from vista 32 bit)

Now with that upgrade i also picked up some more ram. so i can use 64 bit for what i wanted it for.

The problem that i run into is that when i install the ram into my computer i boot it up and i get a 0x116 stop error BSOD just befor the login screen.

NOTE: the new ram works on windows vista 32 bit...

here are my specs

Processor AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, 2700 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

Grapphics HD 5770 ATI

PSU 450 watt corsair

Board: Acer F690GVM
Bus Clock: 199 megahertz

Trying to upgrade from pc2-5300 3g of ram to pc2-6400 8g
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  1. Does anyone have an idea lol? kinda on my last leg here... may just go to memory express and see what they think...
  2. Are you trying to add ram or replace? You also may have a bad stick. 32-bit will not use all the RAM, but 64-bit may hit problem areas.
    I also googled your error and it may be video card related. Boot in safe mode, uninstall driver, and see if the problem persists in normal boot after that.
  3. The ram is a strait across replace. atm i have 1g 1g 512mb 512mb pc2-5300 and i would be swaping 2g 2g 2g 2g pc2-6400. I have tested all the drivers and have narowed it down to the ram... i can run my old ram in windows 7 fine but when i try and use 8gigs i just get the BSOD...
  4. Download memtest86, and test ram: http://www.memtest.org . Before you do that, make sure your ram has appropriate settings in the BIOS like proper timings and voltage. You may try and relax timings in the BIOS (increase their values). These are CAS, RAS, etc.

    EDIT: Also try one stick at a time.
  5. cpeers said:
    Does anyone have an idea lol?

    Yes, you have the AMD SB600 South Bridge. This chip has issues with 64-bit addressing mode using more than 4GB RAM. The solution is either a BIOS update or you'll have to limit the RAM to 4GB. Here are two topics about it on Anandtech Forums but similar reports have been discussed on ASUS Forums as well.



    Since you have an OEM system, you'll probably never get a BIOS update. So if you want to run that much RAM, a new motherboard is in order.
  6. Further to what the other people posted check to see that the motherboard provides enough volts for the new ram sticks. Usually faster memory requires slightly higher voltage compared to slower memory. This could be causing you the STOP messages. Also, just for information, Win7 has it own memory test tool. You can access this by going to the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Windows Memory Diagnostic. Hope this will help.
  7. .....one more thing. The same tool for testing the memory exists on the Win7 DVD.
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