I recently installed a 160gb hard drive in my cpu with an ide cable and its only

I have a 160gb hard drive that i recently installed using a ide cable...(the main hard drive is 250gb and it uses a sata cable and the operating system is xp)the 160gb hard drive is only showing up as a 41gb...why is this happening?
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  1. Check Storage Management to see if the drive has unallocated space. If so, nuke the partitions, repartition, then format.

    If Storage Management can't see the full 160 GB (well, actually around 150 GB), the drive is probably bad.
  2. Are you using windows xp before SP1?
  3. enzo, I don't think he is. He says he has a 250 GB SATA drive.
  4. lba?
  5. Check the pin/jumper layout on the hard drive, I might be wrong, but I think depending on position of the jumper, the storage can be reduced.
  6. Thanks alot ill try ur suggestions.....
  7. well apparently my hard drive is no good so yea....but thank u guys so much....
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