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Hey guys!! SOOO I just overclocked my i7 3770k with H80 Liquid cooling to 4.7 for the first time for a 100x multiplier! :D My only problem is that I can not over clock my RAM! Even when I increase the DRAM volts and the VTT volts, it still is not letting me. My Corsair PC3 - 8500F DDR3 stays at a low 533 MHZ and my G.skill PC3 - 10700 DDR3 stays at 667! :( What am I doing wrong here? Why can't I x24 my RAM and overclock? Do I need new and better RAM or am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? I feel like my slow RAM is slowing down my overclocked processor, is this true? Thanks!
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  1. What RAM are you using? are all the sticks the same speed and timings?
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