Biostar TA790GX A3+ and Kingston 1.6 Ghz are compatible ?

I have the motherboard from biostar (TA790GX A3+), Processor AMD(Phenom 2 X4), Memory Kingston 1.6 Ghz (2X2 dual channel). Graphic Card NVIDIA Quadro FX 580, SMPS 650 Watt(cooler master).
I work with graphic softwares Like Maya,photoshop, Nuke etc. And the performance is not good. I've windows 7 installed onto it.
Kindly help.
Maya display in the perspective is bad, but rendering is fine. Nuke hangs up for a fraction of second during operations.

Thank You
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  1. Kingston's is almost compatible with every ddr3 platform. I think it's the ''best'' in term of comptability.

    It might be your hard drive slowing your process. I'm not a fan of AMD, their architecture is weird, it might be the processor too ...
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