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Hey there!

I have a friend who's selling a brand new ROG mobo - the Asus Rampage Formula for £177 (he needs the money desperately). Apart from the rig in my info, i now own a Maximus III Formula. I was wondering on buying the Rampage Formula for my lil' bro.

Currently my bro has:

Intel DG965RY
Intel E4300 @ stock
Thermaltake Big Typhoon CPU cooler
XFX 4850 512MB DDR3

Ofcourse this is an upgrade path for him, one that crossfires.

Any advice is appreciated :whistle:
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  1. I wouldn't buy such an expensive 775 board at this point with 1156 boards so cheap . Newegg has an asus sli 775 board for only $80. Your friend should try craigslist to sell his board; it's free.
  2. This is a low-power Intel “Clarkdale” system with a 32nm dual-core Westmere-class CPU and a 45nm Intel G55-class graphics processor built into the CPU package. Power consumption is very low for idle and peak and Clarkdales are known for extreme overclocking potential. The motherboard has DVI and HDMI so it is a great HTPC candidate.

    The Clarkdale graphics is has full dual-stream 1080P offload and probably more than double the 3D performance of the older G45 based graphics from Intel. That’s still not good graphics performance by any stretch of the imagination, but decent for an integrated part for casual gaming like World of Warcraft type games but not too good 3D shooters.
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  3. @ o1die - thas what i had in mind. But see theres a lil' problem with my budget. I cant spend THAT much when it comes to a 'Core i5 - DDR3 ram - mobo' combo. Thas why i was looking into LGA 775 boards. SLi boards, they have an issue with overclocking - they're riddled with fsb holes.

    I had looked into the Maximus II Gene, but now they're out of stock. BTW newegg doesnt ship overseas :)

    And i'd want to stay with an ROG board for him cos he has a cool clear window case :D

    What about i3's?

    @veni12? where is th CPU mentioned?
  4. Well, I thought the asus rampage formula used ddr3; correct me if I'm wrong. I got my i3 530 combo at frys for only $100 after rebate, and it overclocks past 4.0 with a decent heatsink. I run it at 3.67 with the stock Intel heatsink and my cheap 1066 ram is overclocked at 1336; no voltage increases were necessary. It's the highest stable overclock I've ever had; even loaded windows 7 with these settings. I still recommend the i3 or i5 over an old 775 setup if you are getting ddr3 anyway.
  5. @ o1die - I own a Rampage Extreme x48 rig(in my info), that uses DDR3 the Rampage Formula however uses DDR2 :) but your right though! Intel's core series proc' overclock well and are very stable.

    so do you see me getting another maximus III formula with a core i3 for my brother? how about some recommendations (ram+proc) ?
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    All I'm saying is that that particular board is too expensive for what you get. You could almost get the 1156 combo for what that board costs. And you won't get your money back when you sell it eventually. Check your local craigslist and you might find a newer combo for less. Make an offer. Negotiate. So many folks out of work that you might get a bargain.
  7. hmmm, right on!
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