AMD Phemon II X6 1100 black edition with MSI 870A Overclock help

Hello I want to safely overclock my pc to a fair limit. right now I have unlocked the core from 3.3 ghz to 3.7 ghz via BIOS code & have enabled OC genie lite.. I have not yet enabled turbo core & AMD cool n quite, now the question is what more do I have to enable to get a better result?

Im Currently running on:

AMD phenom II X6 @3.7 ghz
MSI 870A-G54 ( MS-7599 )
ATI radeon HD 5750 1GB DDR5

Any HELP is highly appreciated. :)

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  1. 1. dont use OC Genie, or any overclock utility, they put more voltage in then they need to

    4GHz is the highest most phenom's can go, i would change the multiplier to 20 (that is if the bus speed is 200) and change the volts to ~1.42 with LLC on

    3.if you dont have an aftermarket cooler than i would highly suggest one :P
  2. @nna2--> You mean 4.2 GHz right? The voltage will have to be around 1.55v @ 4.2 GHz - 4.4 GHz....I highly suggest investing in a LCS for those kinds of OC's ....You can get a great WCing kit for $130
  3. ^^i was talking more about the 4core chips, dunno if that makes a difference but mine cant pass 4GHz without needing ridiculous volts
  4. @nna2-->Well if you are having problems with a Phenom not being able to surpass 2.4 GHz...Where did you get that from?
  5. LOL, sorry i meant 4GHz
  6. simply by raising the multiplyer only,no voltage increase at all.
  7. got mine to 4.1GHz and stable at 1.58Vcore still working on getting to 4.5Gz and stable, but I know it will do it, that's because it has already booted at that speed, the real question is for how long will it last there without burning out?

    well the sticky does work the hard part is finding all the manual setting for your BIOS once you have them all and they are set, you simply start upping things in there, to increase the processor and keep the system stable while doing so.
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