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Hope someone can help....i have an asus MB from old pc i shop bought but i do not know which MB it is...the nearest i've seen online is asus p5gd1 pro and fm and vm but with small diffrences being the connectors for front panel and sata connectors on mine are blocked in 4 where the others are in 4 rows... i have connected everything except the front panel on/off and power led h.d.d led and reset as i do not know in which order...i know where the row of 9/10 is situated.....any help would be appreciated

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  1. thanx for reply...i wont boot uo until i connect the on/off switch to the motherboard
  2. that does'nt help i'm afraid...

    just need to know which pin of the 9 do i put the i/o switch to connect!
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    Is there anything printed near the PCI slots that can help you identify what motherboard it is? Are the pins on the motherboard grouped by different colors? If it is an ASUS, odds are, the color coding used for their motherboards are the same.
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  5. thank you ever so much obsolete... can see now in print its a ptgd1-la...onwards and upwards!

    regards tony2sugars
  6. No problem. If you still need help, here's a diagram.
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