HD TV Refresh Rate Issue when used as a monitor.

I just purchased and LG 37Lh40 with HDMI and I have it connected to my ATI Radeon HD5770 card. The monitor/tv is capable of 120hz refresh rate but I can only get it to operate at 60hz. I have updated all ATI drivers and motherboard drivers, but when I go to device manager I get generic pnp and the drivers for the monitor is dated 6/21/06 version 6.1.7600.16385 I need to update the generic driver to a version capable of 120hz and can't find them I have the ATI display adapter in device manager latest version 8.671.0.0 installed but no help with refresh rate. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with a Quad core 2.66 Intel and 4 gig of ram. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. From all the 120hz sets I have seen they all will only take input at 60hz. The 120hz refresh rates you see advertised the set interpolates the other refresh cycles to negate the problems that LCDs have with motion, I assume that it is also the way those with even higher rates work also.

    Back when we 1st heard of HD coming to TV they used to make what they called IDTV (Improved Definition TV) which was the same thing done with standard Def sets but since then they were interlaced it displayed it as a non interlaced refresh cycle with half the lines interpolated by the set.

    So it really doesn't matter if your video driver will support 120hz or not since your TV wont accept that rate of input.
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