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hi i am want to buy an ssd according to anandtech benchmarks ocz vertex 3 is really good and fastest :bounce: ????
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  1. also should i set it in raid 0 is it faster and are ssds reliable cause i don't want them failing after 1 year
  2. A Raid array requires two identical drives to work. If you are only going to buy one ssd, then do not configure for RAID.
  3. you don't need two identical drives for raid. You only need two drives. People need to stop spreading misinformation. However, if you combine non-similar drives in a raid you will be wasting some performance or space (or possibly both). A poor quality controller may prevent you from using mis-matched RAID drives.

    But none of that matters since you would only have a single drive anyways.

    As for the model drive. They are fast and they have a decent rating on newegg. The Crucial M4, Intel SSDs, and Samsung SSDs seem to have better reliability though.
  4. nordlead - I was just trying to keep it simple. As you pointed out there could be issues when ssd's are mismatched. That's why two identical ssd's are preferred for a RAID array.
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