GeForce 6800 vs Radeon X1300 PRO

I happen to have both of these cards. The Nvidia GeForce 6800 from my four year old Dell XPS 600 and the ATI Radeon X1300 PRO from my somewhat newer Dell Dimension E521, both 256mb video RAM. I am trying to figure which is better, benchmarking wise. Issue is there is no benchmarking on the plain 6800. Would anyone knows which cards seems to perform better in most gaming environments (first person shooters, stragety, etc.)?
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  1. That did help somewhat. From what I've seen with game requirements, anything that's mentions 6800 says for ATI the X800. Would this mean it's the equalvilent? I just don't want to continously swap between the cards for different games which would eventually ware them down.
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    The x1300 was the low range replacement for the x300 that was in the same generation as the x800. at the best it performs somewhat similar as a x600. The Vanilla 6800 has performance on level with 7600GS. There is no question about it the 6800 card is the better out of the two.
    Gforce cards came with shaders 3.0 in the 6xxx generation ATI cards a generation later with the X1xxx cards.
  3. That's what I was looking for! Thanks
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