P5N-D North Bridge HELP!

Hi all

I have a Asus P5N-d mobo, q6600 cpu, XFX gts 250 Graphics card and a 4gig 800Hz ram. My north Bridge is getting really hot. How hot? Icant put my hand on it for more than +-2 seconds. My system is not overclocked. I Have recently put a fan on my heatsink that dropped the temp about 5 degrees. I want to put water cooling on my NB and SB but the problem comes in on da NB coz it has two chips under that HUGE heatsink. Look http://mkrd.info/how-to-s/asus-p5n-d-motherboard-northbridge-waterblock-liquid-cooling.html

Any comments?

Thanks in advanced
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  1. Hi, probably a bit late but..
    My mobo was overheating at the NB. I solved it by using existing heatsink and mounting a 80mm (noctua) fan using only 2 screws set to the bottom of the heatsink.
    I have been using it for a good while now and it seems to work just fine.
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