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Corsair Force 3 Performance Confusion

Hello all :) I am back again with another dilemma.

So I recently purchased a Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB. Even though I heard some issues with read/write speeds, I decided to pull the trigger anywhere given my flawless experience with Corsair.

Well, not that I regret it because I don't mind a little due diligence to fix any prevailing issue, but I wish mine wasn't the following:

When running the SSD through A-SSD benchmark it is saying my sequential read/write speeds are 1256MB/S | 45MB/S.... Yes, that's right, one thousand two hundred and fifty six MB/S. And yes, the write speeds are terrible. 45MB/S? It should be 510MB/S.

Now, I read that this is a bit of an issue, but that doesn't explain the astronomical read speeds. I ran my older 60GB Corsair drive and those results came back at 150MB/S | 69MB/S respectively. This isn't good for that drive either as those speeds were supposed to be in the 200s.

When I ran a PCMark 7 test, it was a little more difficult to understand the read backs as it didn't give me any sequential numbers and just scores/results based on performing tasks. But those numbers were all under 100 MB/S also.

Do you guys think this is an issue with my drives, or should I try a different benchmark? Maybe my A-SSD is an outdated version? What simple benchmark do you all recommend to get accurate sequential read/write results?

Thanks, as always, in advanced. I'd be lost without Tom's Hardware.
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    Use CrystalDiskMark.
  2. I just used CrystalDiskMark and here are my results:


    Corsair Force Series 3 120GB - 171.6MB/S | 102.2MB/S
    Corsair (I forget name) - 124MB/S | 65MB/S

    Both unacceptable in my opinion. The Force Series 3 should be around 500MB/S and the other should be around 200s.

    Maybe I should update the firmware of the drives? But if I do, I have to format it don't I? My boot drive is on one of them and I would hate to lose all my stuff. ;/
  3. I don't know if you HAVE to format the drive. I would make a back up though. A firmware update could help though.
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  5. Its funny because my WD Caviar Black is getting 90/90. Just as advertised. My God, Western Digital never ceases to amaze me.
  6. Hmmm I got 135/130 Seq R/W on my 2TB Caviar Black.
  7. My drive is from over a year ago, so it is possible that is the difference. But, I just rechecked me specifications and I believe the drive should be faster.

    Hmm, maybe this is a motherboard issue. I am going to try and update the BIOS and see if I missed anything when I updated the driver components on my mobo.

    I did read on the Corsair SSD Firmware Flash instructions that updated the mobo BIOS can fix a lot of HD issues.

    Could it be the fact that my mobo is SATA II connections? I know this Force Series 3 supports SATA III. Maybe that is what I need to get the full results. But still, I don't think the difference between SATA II and SATA III justifies such a poor difference in performance.
  8. nah SATA II is 3GB/S III is 6GB/S it wouldn't cause issues. My 1 year old 2TB Caviar Black gets 126/123
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