Turn off TurboV Evo?

I turned on TurboV EVO on my new gaming rig, OC'ing my i5 2500k from a 3.3 to a 4.3. I want to know how to turn off TurboV EVO so I can safely OC through my BIOS settings. I don't trust TE lol and the only options its giving me in Auto-Tuning are "Fast" and "Extreme". When I go over to the "Manual Mode" tab and click "OS Default Settings" nothing happens.

How do I turn it off???
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  1. That's a good question, honestly. I've never used TurboV EVO myself because I've always OC'd manually through the BIOS of my P8Z68-V LE. You can try setting everything manually in Manual Mode, including everything available under More Settings, but I'm not sure that turns off Auto.

    Just looking at it, I can't see a way to turn it off, other than "OS Default Settings".

    I never trust software for OC'ing the CPU anyway though (or even "Auto" OC's, for that matter), so I've never even really thought about TurboV EVO much.
  2. /bump till we figure it out
  3. You can go into AI Suite II settings and disable Turbo Evo and Digi + Power Control. It should disable the overclocking.
  4. If you haven't figured it out, the only way I found to "turn it off" is in the BIOS. Once you are in your BIOS, record the changes you have made in the settings. Then go to the Exit menu and select the "Load Optimized Defaults". This will reset CPU frequency back to the manufacturer's specification.

    If you select the "OS Defaults" button in TurboV EVO, it just clears the Profile. The overclock would remain in effect. At least that was my experience.
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