Requirements for two Pentium III CPUs in dual processing


I have an identically matched pair of Pentium III SECC2/933-MHz/256-Kb L2-Cache/Spec# SL4KK.

I'd like to use them on an ASUS P3C-D Motherboard that is designed to accept two Pentium III SECC2 processors, however it does not specify the required L2 cache size (256 KB or 512 KB ?) I checked the specifications for the SL4KK processor on Intel, but can find no reference to their utilization in dual processing.

Question: Can these particular CPUs be used on a dual processor platform or must they have 512 KB in order to work together? (I don't want to experiment for fear of damaging the processors and/or the motherboard).

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

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  1. I built one of these systems when they first came out - all That springs to mind is that the processors had to be identical, and it helped if they came off the same production run (i.e. had consecutive or near enough serial numbers).

    I dont recall any minimum requirements with regards to cache.

    Even if you experiment with it to find out, its extremely unlikely to damage the processor or board unless you get the voltages or clock speeds wrong, if the cache is indeed incompatible, it just wont work, i doubt it will damage anything.
  2. Nine or ten years ago one of the most popular forums for discussion for dual CPU motherboards was

    You might be able to search their archives for your answer.

    AH Nostalgia:
    I remember all the flame wars about dual versus single CPU systems back then. If I remember correctly the argument was that a faster single CPU system would always be better than a multiple CPU system. Mentioning that one CPU could service the application and the other could service the system providing an overall "smoother" experience was considered subjective and only unenlightened people would ever argue for multiple CPU systems. (And of course we see how that turned out...)

    (BTW: I still have a dual CPU system up and running with 2x PIII 1Ghz. Great file server. No reason to replace it.)
  3. Thanks Will,

    I'll give it a shot. Like that old saying... "Nothing ventured - Nothing gained"
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