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I have recently started having a problem with a certain game called Dirt 2. I downloaded it from Steam and everything. When I play it, every second or so, the fps seems to drop to like 5 FPS for a split second, then back to normal, then it glitches again. At first I suspected it was a sound problem because the Codemaster (developer of Dirt 2) forums seemed to have a few threads about this. But recently, it has happened to more games like Crysis and Modern Warfare 2. I'm starting to think my memory is going bad or something. This problems happens with both graphics cards that I have, a HIS ATi Radeon HD 5770 1GB and a Diamond ATi Radeon HD 4850 1GB.

My Specs:

CPU: AMD Phenom II x3 710

Mobo: Biostar TA790GXB AM2+/AM3

Memory: Kingston HyperX 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 866 MHz

GFX: ATi Radeon HD 5770 1GB

Power: Antec EarthWatts 650W

Hard Disk: Samsung 7200 RPM 500GB
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  1. Try running memtest on you Memory to see if it will fail or not. That way we can pinpoint if it's your RAM or not.

    You can download a linux LiveCD (Knoppix) and run memtest through it, or just make a bootable CD or USB with memtest.
  2. I downloaded memtest and made a bootable disk with it. When I booted from the disk I chose one because I obviously don't have 2 processors. It started testing and after about 3 seconds my computer rebooted. It's always what the test does. Couple seconds of testing and then reboot. Nothing else. Could that be a problem with my memory?
  3. That means you dont see it saying failed right? I guess it could be alot of stuff, I'd test the PSU in another system just to elimiate that, then RAM in another system. Then you're down to CPU or mobo. I have other systems I can use to do this with though, I don't know how feasible that is for you to do.

    Do stuff to test one piece at a time and run stuff like memtest, prime95 and furmark. you should eventually come to the problem.
  4. Try testing one module at a time. Keep only 1 module plugged, run the test and report back.

    It could be one of the ram modules failing.
  5. Alright. I tested each module one at a time. Each one passed. But one I test them together, my system reboots upon the first test. Each one takes about 15 minutes to complete the test.

    Edit: I also don't have enough computers to test each part in another setup. My PSU seems fine, it's capable of running my games and everything else. I also remembered that this all started when I installed the demo for GRID. It seems that Dirt 2 and GRID use the exact same engine to run the game. These games also have the problem the most severely. Once again, the FPS in my games is always 60+ but every second it drops to like 3 and then instantly goes back to 60. FRAPS doesn't record this FPS drop either.
  6. Did you test them in the same slot when they were by themselves? That makes me think that one of the slots itself is bad. Try a different set of slots if possible.
  7. Ok that might be another possibility,
  8. Definitely check for all possible RAM issues first. Especially voltage issues. Did you go into the BIOS and set the voltage manually? Because if not, you probably should. Standard voltage for DDR2 is 1.8v, and I think what you have takes somewhere between 1.85-1.95V. Sometimes motherboards can autodetect the voltage and save you the trouble, but sometimes they can't. If it's running at too low of a voltage, it can cause freezing and hangups. And what's more, sometimes a system can get by under thoser settings for a few months and then suddenly start giving you problems. So check that out.

    Also, do you have 2x2GB, or 4x1GB sticks? If all four slots are filled, the sticks may need an extra 0.05-0.1V over their listed specs, and that's another situation that a lot of motherboards' autodetect features don't compensate for very well.

    Programs like memtest will catch physical problems with the RAM, but if the sticks themselves are fine and it's a voltage or timing issue, that can sometimes get past.
  9. i have 2x2GB sticks. And to False's post, it's not my motherboard. All of the slots work individually but when both dimms are in, the test doesn't work.
  10. Definitely check out the voltage stuff.
  11. Your memory needs 2.0 V to run. You also need to fix its speed in your original post. It's 800 MHz not 866 MHz unless you are overcloking.

    The 2.0 V is mentioned here:
  12. Ya the 866 Mhz was a typo
  13. Sooo... did that fix it?
  14. no it didn't sorrry for the late reply. the tests still reboot my comp >.> i could only set it to 1.95 V or 2.05V so i set it to 2.05v instead of what it was at which was 1.95V. sorry im on my ipod right now lol. going to check back after my classes tomorrow.
  15. Try using the memtest utility on the Ultimate Boot CD, just to make sure the copy you made isn't the problem.

    Some motherboards are finicky about how you position their memory. Does switching the memory around in the same slots change anything?

    Just for kicks, run prime95, your favorite video benchmark, and a hard disk diagnostic. See if any errors are generated. Are you using the same driver version for both cards? Consider reverting to an older driver.

    I had a kindof-similar frame drop problem with MW2; the game would play fine, then halt altogether for several seconds. It didn't affect any of my other games, though. I solved it by resetting the video settings to recommended, restarting the game, and then setting the settings how I wanted them. You can try it, but I don't think it's related to your issue.
  16. plzzzz help me guys...!!

    my system specifications are-
    1. AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 3.10 Ghz processor
    2. 4GB (2X 2GB) 800 Mhz DDR2 RAM
    3. MSI Radeon HD 4890 1 GB Overclock Edition
    4. Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H Motherboard
    5. Windows 7 build 7100 32-bit OS (everything mentioned above is running at stock settings)

    the FPS (Frame per second) on my PC is in between 40 to 75.. & its has not even touched to 35 also during 7 to 8 races which i had played already in the career... & my problem is that the FPS is fluctuating really very badly withing 3 to 4 seconds during the gameplay or in other word.. while racing in the game.. i have already applied & installed "DIRT 2 FIX" from AMD support but the problem of the fluctuations is same becoz of which the gameplay is not at all smooth & also making me little bit annoyed also.. i run it at 1280x1024 resolution at ultra high settings, 8x MSAA with vsync Off.. to check this fluctuation problem.. i have also changed my settings to 640x480 @ ultra low settings.. but the problem is same.. also i have just finished running "memtest" & there are no errors at i just want to ask whether any of you also facing the same problem as mine... & is there any solution to fix it...??? plzzz help me..!!! :pfff: :pfff: :( :(
  17. It's possible that the card is switching from its 3D clocks to its 2D clocks causing that performance hit. Look up editing the ATI profile to disable clock changes.

    Suggested Link:
  18. Wow. Sorry I haven't replied in a while. I've been busy. I don't know if the 3D/2D is the problem, because it has just recently been happening. I've already tested my memory numerous times. I tried removing one DIMM of RAM and running my games like that, with both DIMMs, but the same results happened.

    Ever since I downloaded GRID from Codemasters, this started. Now all of my games do this stuttering thing.
  19. bump
  20. That makes it seem like a software problem. You could try uninstalling the game and anything that came with it, and/or reinstalling windows (the sure bet) and NOT installing that game.
  21. Never mind. I fixed the problem. Thanks for all of your help!

    My solution to the problem was increasing my virtual memory from 4GB to 6GB. The recommended by Windows 7 64-bit was 6 GB
  22. 6 GB of pagefile is A LOT !

    Are there any applications running the background that require this size of pagefile?
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