Ideas on SSD install/Upgrade w Hp Pavilion 724c

Can I add or must I replace the HD on my HP Pavilion 724C with a Solid State Drive?
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  1. You can probably add one if your computer has extra SATA connections; but to get your operating system on the SSD you will have to reinstall it; this will cause you to lose all your data unless you back it up.
  2. Open your pc case and take a look. See of there is an extra drive bay and an extra SATA 2 or SATA 3 connection on the motherboard.

    Here is a link to the official HP "how to" page for installing or replacing a drive in the HP724c desktop pc:

    BTW - How old is your pc? The 724c was first introduced in January 2003.
  3. The pc is too old and has no sata ports and no pcie ports, it's ide and agp. You cannot even use a ssd.

    Edit: Well acuatlly there are ide to sata adapters but why bother.
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