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Been looking at screenshots of 5870 video card and I notice that doesn't have TV out socket on the back of the card. Are you still able to connect 5870 up to your Monitor and connect it to the TV at the same time because we watch quite a lot of stuff in the lounge and stream it from the computer.

Our old TV doesn't have HDMI or DVI.

I just used S-Video cable and connected it to long AVI extension cable so it connected to the TV in the lounge from this computer using 9600XT Video Card. I'm not to sure if I'm using the correct terminology, but hopefully you'll understand what I mean
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  2. You can also try a scan converter like this one;

    Watch out for staight adapters, make sure they support the output and input types you need, alot of people complain about adapters when they don't know what they're made for (different signal formats).

    Take note of the warning for the adapter in the post above;
    (*)The Cable Not Support your Computer Monitor Video Port, or Y , Cr, Cb Video. Your Video Source Must Provide a YpbPr Component Video Signal form the DVI-I Video Ports to Use Cable. *****WARNING*****IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPONENT VIDEO SOURCES TO A REGULAR COMPUTER MONITOR OR HDTV unless you monitor specifically has this capability. Most do not. (Please check the documentation for your computer monitor). THIS CABLE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPUTER'S DVI PORT TO THE COMPONENT INPUT ON YOUR HDTV unless your video card supports component out function through it's DVI port (please confirm with your video cards documentation before purchasing. Some require adapter, not this cable). ***

    ATi came out with 2 different adapters for the old Radeon 9xxx series to account for the two different signal types. Just make sure your TV matches the input requirement.
  3. Thanks you for your help paperfox.
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