Help Finding a MB for a XEON E3110 LGA775 Processor

I bought a XEON E3110 a long time ago because I could not get the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale when it first came out, (this was about two years ago). I was then deployed to Afghanistan, so I had to put this project on hold. I have been told this chip is really the same as the E8500, and a MB that will work for the E8400 will also work for my XEON 3110. My old wish list on NewEgg says the MB I found is no longer made, so I am looking for a MB that is good and compatiable with the E3110. This computer will be used for the following: (1) Gaming, (2) Internet, (3) Home Use, (4) Some light MS Office Application stuff {if I cannot get things done at work}. Any suggestions out there, and I am NOT a computer expect, this would be my first build ever.
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  1. I would check out the asus p5bv-c for $159.99 at newegg. It can work with ecc and non ecc ram
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