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I purchased NTI Backup Now they called it EZ It does back up very simple but my primary hard drive died and I was forced to format the hard drive and reinstall windows seven I reinstalled NTI Backup I had all the back up on a external hard drive which works fine but I do not know how to reinstall such things as my documents, pictures and all my passwords. I have tried many times to get it to reinstall these things but I continue to fail in doing it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Not I am a Senior Adult and not very tech savvy please write for us old dummy's
Thank You,
Ron Goodwin
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    :hello: Ron. Welcome to the forums.

    Please do not post your email address in an open forum. We use the forums for replies. If you would like to send a message to one individual here, you can send a Private Message (abbrev. PM) by clicking on the green envelope below your user name.

    Having said that, I cannot help with your question. I am not familiar with NTI Backup. Sorry. :(
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