ATI Overdrive shut off?

When I use ATI CCC Overdrive AutoTune, the screen turns into a spectrum with the ATI logo for about 30 minutes. It then turns blank. I end up having to manually reset the computer. When I the computer comes back up, CCC has it set incredibly high. From manual overclocking I know it could never get this high. Is this normal? Is there something wrong with my graphics card?
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  1. Try to reinstall the card, with clean install of course, see if that help to make it normal again...
  2. I just reinstalling it again, and I got the same result. Is this a common problem with 4890's or is my card bad in some way?
  3. and what about if u gaming? Is it well?
  4. A manual mild overclock will work in games. With anything higher than mild overclocks, Furmark will work but games will mess up. ATI CCC puts the overclock far higher than it will stably work.

    One interesting point: After weeks of trying different overclocks, I've never seen any artifacting. The will work perfectly fine for a while and then the screen will freeze and go blank. There seems to be a fine line between working perfectly and having to manually restart the computer. Does this seem odd to you?
  5. ATI finally finished "successfully". It clocked my 4890 to 975/1150Mhz. The minute I click 'Okay' the screen messes up and I have to restart the computer. I had to boot in safe mode to disable the start up. The most stable I've manually overclocked it is 925/1050Mhz. I think that ATI CCC Auto Tune just doesn't work for me.
  6. I had the same exact problem with my XFX 4890 so I just went with a mild manual overclock as well.
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