Chess Analysis on a Budget

I'm looking for advice on a very specific type of budget box that's different from most other requests.

I have a budget of $600-650 with zero wiggle room. The computer will be used for one thing and one thing only: Chess analysis. Since I require only a basic video card I can put more money into the CPU. After some research I've more or less settled on the i5 750 since it seems to be the best proc for my requirements and budget (hyperthreading is unnecessary but quad core is essential). Also, longevity is extremely important to me so I won't be overclocking.

Since video and OC aren't important to me, I'm not sure how much power I'll need. Also, I really don't know much about the differences in DDR3 memory so any help in this regard would be appreciated (4gb+ is preferred).

At the moment Newegg has a combo that's attractively priced but unfortunately it looks like it comes with a POS PSU (judging by the ratings)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. With a basic video card a good 450-500w psu will be enough.

    Why no overclock? If you get a cheap cooler: hyper 212+, you can safely overclock to 3.6-4ghz without shorting the lifespan. I've run overclocked processors for several years. I've never had a processor fail on me. Your processor is the most important part of your build for a program like that.
  2. Just an interjection for overclocking:

    My old Athlon XP 2800+ has been constantly overclocked for ~7 years. Never skipped a beat. All you need is a good cooler (which just so happen to be cheap) and a midrange motherboard.
  3. That's good to hear about the overclocking. I agree that clock speed is important so if I can give a boost without worrying about the longevity I'll give it a go. Any other recommendations?
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