Display freezes to vertical lines after 15 minutes of gaming (5870)

Just got my new computer with 5870 + i7

After about 15 minutes of gaming the screen freezes with only vertical lines displayed.

Can't minimize, exit or get to task manager as keyboard does not respond (caps lock button doesn't switch the light)

The other processes seem to be running as the audio is still playing and I could still hear my friend over msn call.

So, I am forced to hard reset.

This only happened so far in Company of Heroes and Dirt 2 (on maximum settings, these 2 are high hardware requirement games) but not counter-strike: source (much lower hardware requirements).

This doesn't happen on my brother's computer, which has almost the same specs as mine, but with a different graphic card (4800 series) and hard disk, playing the same games.

Drivers are updated to the latest, dxdiag says no problem on my display.
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  1. I should also mention when I first switched on the computer at home only 4 gigs of ram is detected which I had 6.

    I rebooted after reslotting all the ram, and it got fixed. Perhaps this could be a ram problem as well.
  2. How much is your PSU?
    And what about temps of your gpu?
    Is it high?
  3. Grahphics Card: XFX/ATI HD 1GB XXX
    PSU: CORSAIR HX620 620W Modular ATX Power Supply

    Temperature of CPU is 48c with browser running
  4. I need to know your temps when gaming not with browser running...
  5. Got it to 91c while running FurMark for awhile before it happened.
  6. Okay, that's a little bit high...
    I think your card is overheating.
    Can u set the gpu fan manually? Let say about 70%, and try a game to see if it freeze again...
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