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I have a pc with the following installed; CPU Q6600@2.4GHZ, MOBO: ASUS P5KPL-AM SE, RAM DDR2 800MHZ, Graphics card ASUS EN9800GT, PSU 500W. All drivers are up to date. I would like to know, why does my games run smoothly for about an hour and then the graphics is getting sticky and the sound stuttering?
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    My guess would be that either your Graphics card or your processor are getting to hot when playing games after a certain period of time, What will happen is when your GPU or CPU get to hot they will underclock themselves in an attempt to cool themselves down.

    OR your GPU, CPU or memory (or a combination) are unstable.

    Run some tests to see if your computer is stable and cool enough. Use GPU-Z to monitor your GPU's temps whilst running Furmark for 30mins. Use OCCT to stress your CPU and use Real temp to monitor the temps. And use Memtest to test your memory.

    If everything is stable and with good temps, then it might be a driver issue
  2. Check your temps...
  3. Check your temps. And about your RAM.. u have 2Gb or 4Gb of RAM? Is better with 4Gb, allot better.
  4. what power supply - 500W could mean geneic aka ~250w which is borderline

    test your hardware and see what temps you get, you want to stick under ~68 for cpu and ~88 for video
  5. Hi there, thanks for the info. I ran all the tests and everything looks to be running stable, accept for the CPU that is running a little bit hot-69 degrees. That was only on the first test, after that it dropped down below 68 degrees. Maybe I must also look at a bigger power supply. What driver do you suggest I must look at?
  6. I would just like to say thankyou to everyone elses input. You guys are great!!
  7. You should use the latest nVidia driver, All you have to do is go to nVidia's website and download the latest driver for your graphics card and OS.

    69 degrees isn't too bad, but I wouldn't let it go any higher. Make sure you run OCCT for atleast 8 hours to ensure stability.

    What were your GPU temps like after 30mins of Furmark?
  8. Ok, I've got the latest nVidia driver already installed. The temps stayed around 45 degrees and only went up to 47 degrees

    twice then back to 45 degrees. With the cooldown test it went down to 36 degrees. On the graph result of the CPU it said

    there is four threads. I'm not sure what to make of it, cause I'm not 100% sure what the correct spec should be. Or maybe

    I don't know what to look for. I will make sure to run OCCT for 8 hours or so. Thanks
  9. 6206[at] I almost forgot, I've got 4GB ram installed on my PC and it's brand new. That was the first

    thing I've changed when the problem started a month ago, along with the motherboard and hard drive. The only old

    hardware is my CPU. Is there a way I can include the CPU test results so you can take alook at it maybe?
  10. its very unlikely that a hard drive would cause a problem like this, and if your CPU is at stock and under 70C then its also unlikely to be the cause of the problem.

    When you installed your new RAM into your motherboard did you manually change the voltage and timings to what they should be?? This is important!!!

    You can find the memory timings and voltage infomation on each memory stick.

    If you can run 8 hours OCCT then the memory is stable (OCCT CPU test will stress memory aswell).

    Also what make and model is your power supply?
  11. no I didn't change the voltage and timings, I thought my PC would detect the settings automaticly. But I'll be sure to check

    on this thanks.

    My power supply is; Superchannel S500 480W, model-LC-8500BTX

    I will only be able to run OCCT on Wednesday when I'm not working.
  12. When I installed my RAM into my motherboard, my motherboard set the RAM timings as 6-6-6-16 and the voltage at 1.5V and 1066mhz, When infact my RAM is rated at 7-7-7-21 at 1.6V and 1333mhz. Motherboards are pretty poor at setting voltages and timings
    Another example is my motherboard set my Core i7 920's voltage at 1.28V, when its able to run stable at just 1.10V.

    I've never heard of that powersupply and apperantly neither has Google (0 results found).

    So if i were you i'd do the following

    1: Set the correct Timings and Voltage for you RAM and CPU.

    2: Get a Good quality PSU like a Corsair 550HX or a OCZ ModXtreme.

    3: In the morning start OCCT CPU test and then go to work, Assuming you have a 9 till 5 job when you get back it will be done. (don't worry, if it fails or gets to hot, it will shut down the program).

    If OCCT runs for 8 hours with no errors then its pretty safe to assume that your memory, motherboard and CPU are stable (and not the cause of the problem). Then its either the Game you play ( for example My PC is stable, but Fallout 3 crashes from time to time, but no other game do this.) A Video driver, Graphics card stability OR your PSU isn't up to the job. I think the latter is the cause to be honest.
  13. I will do just that. I want to thank you again for all your help. I really appreciate it. It is nice to know, that there is still

    people out there who cares. You don't know how many people I've asked, not even our PC techs. this side could help me.

    Very poor indeed. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, you're the best!!!
  14. N'awww thanks :D

    Let me know how the OCCT CPU test turns out
  15. Sure, I will let you know tomorrow knight.
  16. Hi there, here are the results;

    CPU Temp 1 - 69 degrees
    " " 2 - 66 "
    " " 3 - 61 "
    " " 4 - 62 "

    GPU Temp - 41 degrees

    Vcore - 1.24 average

    3.3V - 3.36 average

    5V - 4.77 - 4.88 average

    12V - 12.88V average

    Tell me what you think of this tests.
  17. so the test was still running when you got home? Those temps are OK.

    I'm not to sure about your PSU, There seems to be some big variations on the 12V and 5V

    41 C GPU temp was Idle temp right? Use the OCCT GPU stress test or Furmark and monitor the temps with GPU-Z. I'll run the OCCT PSU test to give you some idea of what someone else is getting, I'm using a quality Coolermaster Real Power M 700W
  18. Here's a link to my results for OCCT PSU Test, Only ran it for 14mins because I have to cook the dinner :P

    Dunno why my 12V rail is so low. It was stable though.

    The PSU test will stress the GPU and CPU at the same time, abit like if you were playing Crysis on max. And so will make sure everything it stable.

    Another question, did you change the timings of the RAM before you ran the test?

    Ooooops forgot the link, to busy eating XD
  20. No, all tests were completed by the time I got home. The 41 C was the result I got. I did not set the timings on the RAM. I

    only have the option of auto, 1.8V, 2.2V and 2.8V in the bios. I must be honest with you, this is all new to me. I've never ran

    these tests before so forgive me if I throw you of the track a bit. I know a little bit about the hardware but very little about

    the software. I'm still learning. So looking at your results I can see a big difference between yours and mine. I won't be able

    to tell you if there's a problem or not though. Is there a way I can get this results to you, so you can take a look at them?
  21. If you still have the graphs then you can use a image hosting website like photobucket and send me the link (like i did above ^^)

    So did you set the OCCT test to run for 8 hours only?
  22. Yes I set OCCT for 8 hours only before I went to work this morning. I leave home for work around 6 o'clock. I work from 7 to 4.

    I left everything as is, and pressed the on button to start the testing. I did not change any settings.

    I will try to put the graphs on photobucket like you did.

  23. Well i dnt know enough about PSU's to tell if thats the problem or not, Sorry : /

    Atleast we know that the CPU, RAM and Mobo are stable. : )

    And if you say that 41C is as hot as your GPU gets under Furmark or OCCT GPU Test then thats not the problem( unless the GPU is defective in another way)

    Does this problem happen in all games you play? or just 1?.

    It could well be the PSU, but i just dnt know enough about them
  24. That's ok, at least the rest is running stable. I have run some more tests with furmark earlier today and GPU temp went up

    to 67C. I took some screenshots and put it on photobucket, you can check it out if you like, it's under the same URL as the

    graphs. So far it's only Mass Effect and GTA IV that's giving me problems. I have installed GRID Race Driver later on today

    and played it a bit without any problems, but then the family arrived and i had to shut down. So i have to test it for an hour

    or so before i can tell if it's running ok or not. I hope it's just the PSU, since i unplugged my UPS my PC is running a little bit

    better, but the problem is still there. The UPS is faulty because it tripped the house's earth leakage, so i removed it

  25. When you say UPS do you mean PSU?

    Anyway I LOVE Race Driver GRID its the tits :P And Dirt 2 is awesome : )

    67C sounds more like it, its fine up until about 85C

    My money is still on the PSU, but i guess it could be the graphics driver.

    Atleast we have managed to narrow it down, its either Graphics card/driver or PSU. And personally i'd replace that PSU anyway. I wouldn't trust it at all.

    Happy Racing :D
  26. UPS, is a backup power unit ( backup battery )I used for when the power dips or in heavy weather when the power fails.

    We have some nasty thunder storms here now and then. It's quite old and I think it has seen better days. Well now it's out

    of the way. It did help me plenty though, cause it gives you time to shutdown the PC when the power went out.

    Race driver Grid is indeed awsome, can't wait to play the game. But first things first, can't leave you hanging in the dark.

    The first thing on my list, is a brand new power supply for sure. I am so glad we finally found the problem, it was driving me

    nuts. But I must also say, without your help I would still have suffered in silence or banging my head on my keyboard.

    Thank you again for all your help and patiëns with me. If I could put you on the podium, you will defenitly be No. 1.

    BIG thanks. :D
  27. Your welcome : )

    when your choosing a new Power Supply, make sure to get a Branded quality one, I'd recommend a 600W PSU so if you ever feel the need to upgrade your graphics card you can without worrying about "Have I got the power?"

    Antec, OCZ, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Tagan and Coolermaster are all quality brands.

    That PSU is great value for money, has enough amperage and wattage for your needs, and is modular aswell.

    Just happy to help
  28. Thanks, I'll be sure to look for those. If I can find it here by us. I checked out the site you gave me, cool stuff man, cool stuff!!

    Happy holidays!!:kaola:
  29. Yeah you 2, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!.
  30. Oh yes, almost forgot. I've played GRID now for about 2 hours with no problem what so ever. The game is running like a

  31. Thank you, enjoy your Christmas also and a Happy New Year 2 u 2!
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