New to overclocking. Some guidance

Hey all:

I just built myself a new PC. My first build ever and I am experimenting with over clocking here now. I wanted to look it up and go over some things before I actually do anything.

So I have a Ivy Bridge 3770K and a MSI Z77A-GD65 motherboard. Right now I have the OC Genie on as it seems the simplest to use for me right now. So the processor is running at 4.2GHz. I hear that it can go up to 4.5GHz no problem. I have a CoolerMaster 212+ installed as well.

I was more-so looking for general guidance. I found so tutorials for the Ivy Bridge chip itself at, but it was just too in-depth for me right now as I am new to all of this.

So really I am asking, can I go to 4.5GHz without any problems with my current cooling method? Should I just continue to use OC until I really know what I am doing? Any other tips, guides, etc?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'd say 4.5 will be the max OC for a 212+ and it will definitely be pretty warm. And I don't have any links to a good guide for Ivy OC'ing besides the one you mentioned, but you should definitely ditch OC Genie and do a manual OC. The only real difference between Sandy and Ivy OC'ing is the voltage, though. Less voltage for Ivy, of course.
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