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i recently had too many applications/games crashes. I checked for any solution for my problem and i found out that most of the people to run this Memtest86 and i did ask they told. It took around 2 hours and it should 40000+ errors. Yes i am correct. fourty thousand errors. Ok . Now what am i supposed to do? just goto the vendor and return my ram or is there a way to solve this problem by me doing something about it. I am not good at these stuff so please explain things in an elaborated manner
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  1. It would really help if you told us what motherboard and memory modules you have. Also tell us your current RAM timings and voltage settings.
  2. Im using Dynet Company's DDR 2gb ram. Intel DG31 motherboard. I dont know how to find out the RAM timings and Voltage settings .
  3. You can find the info in the BIOS. You can use CPU-Z, SPD tab to see the JEDEC tables and the memory tab for the specific model.
  4. Two possiblities if that much of the RAM is showing up bad:
    A: One of the sticks went bad, in which case you should get a replacement stick. Test all your sticks one at a time to weed out the bad ones.
    B: Theres a lower-level config problem with the modules [voltage, timings, etc], causing one of the sticks to not function properly.

    Test one stick at a time. If you still get errors, then the stick is likely bad.
  5. I have only 1 stick .
  6. hi guys.. I got the Ram Replaced with another ram .. now with the mem test i get 0 Error.. but still im facing the application crashing problems like world of warcraft and warcraft - frozen throne .. any suggestions ??
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