Phenom II Temperature Range?

I just build a new system running an AMD Phenom II X4 965 on an MSI 790fx-GD70 Board, and was wondering what the 'safe' temperature range is for this CPU... I've got a Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer on it.
And is there any good, free, temperature monitoring software out there anywhere? I've heard of SpeedFan, but are there any others?
Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. I use HW Monitor, AMD lists the max safe temperature as 62C, with the CCF you should be able to stay well below that even with a fair amount of OC.
  2. Well, I downloaded HW Monitor, and it's a whole lot better than SpeedFan, in my opinion. I've got a troubling readout though - I'm not sure which component it is, but TMPIN0 just read 64 degrees after I tested Crysisf for about an hour or two. Where's this sensor located at? I'm just wondering what got this hot...
    Oh, and on a side note, my CCF is working great - I can't even get my cpu to go above what my old Pentium D did at idle speed...
  3. My TMPIN0 seems to be the socket temperature, its always 1-3 degrees below the core temp readings. How many TMPIN's do you have? I have a 0 for the socket and 1 that is forward on the board to give a case temperature, if you have more than that it may be reading your north bridge temperature. Try running prime95 and see if that temp changes at all, if it doesnt then its a bad sensor, it may also have been calibrated too high which does happen sometimes.
  4. I've got TMPIN0, TMPIN1, and TMPIN2. I'd say that the program was giving me a false reading, because now my TMPIN0 seems to stay about 3 degrees highter than my core temperatures. TMPIN1 also stays around 10 degrees highter than the CPU at idle... not sure how it does under load. Nothing's gone over 60 degrees ever since then, except for my Radeon 5770, which hit a suprising 74 degrees before I shut the program down. Not sure if that's safe, either... I can't find any information on the safe range for the 5770, either...
  5. GPUs are safe up to ~95C, as long as it stays below about 85C i wouldnt worry about it, they tend to only get a stock cooler good enough to keep it barely within the safe range, in a few months they will get OEM coolers that will keep them closer to 65C at load, but GPUs are made with a difference process so they can withstand much higher temperatures with no ill effects unlike CPUs.
  6. Yeah, I figured... thanks.
    I just gave my CPU a light OC'ing to 3.78ghz, and it seems to be running perfectly fine. All I needed was an x18 multiplier and a 210 fsb speed, made suprisingly easy by the "OC Dial" on my GD70 Mobo.
    Everything seems to check out right now... I'll keep an eye on it.


    Yep... it's looking good now. Just turned up the FSB another 10 mhz; it's now 220mhz running my CPU at 3.96Ghz with an x18 Multiplier. Idling at a nice 33-34 degrees.
    One last question:
    Is there a safe limit where I should stop turning up my FSB Frequency, or should I just stop when the temperatures start going up? I'm just a new overclocker fresh from Newegg...
    Much appreciated.
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