Help needed with damaged raid-5 setup

I just wrote out a whole message and preview made it go away, no preview this time...

I have a XP Pro box with a 3-disk software raid 5 setup. I had some problems and the system wasn't working well. Windows would take 30 minutes to startup, then my raid wasn't available even though the disks did appear in the boot sequence. The disk manager would take a couple hours to get the system information. Things weren't good.

I tried to troubleshoot the problem best I could swapping hard drive controllers and checking the drives. I finally decided to swap out the PS and things started working better.

Now, before when I did get the disk manager up the status of the raid drives was bad, unavailable or something else that didn't sound good.

Now the system and disk manager again start quickly, but the raid volume has a red x icon. The drives all apear and are online, but the status is "FAILED" and the only option I have is to delete volume, which I don't want to do.

The good news is this is a microsoft sw raid, the bad news is this is a microsoft software raid. I went with a raid-5 setup because I thought it would prevent me from total drive failure, well that didn't happen! Lesson learned!

I have no idea what this failed status means, nor what hope there is for recovery. My searching over the last couple of weeks had netted 0 results, that's where you guys can help. Hopefully someone can help me get this raid back.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. One other key piece of information, I may have reordered the drives in all my testing, does that matter or will the system be able to work if disk1 became disk3? I figure there's only 6 different combination I would have to try if I needed to do that.
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