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So I am looking to buy a new laptop well get it as sa present for xmas. Been doing some configuring at Dell and looking around on Newegg. From experience I know that my ATI cards 2900, 4850, 4350 have had no problems with sound over HDMI, and I remember in the past nVidia required a separate hookup and drivers were flaky. I'm looking at some laptop with either a 220M or a 230M, and I am wondering will these give me sound over HDMI with no problems, or should I go for a 4330, 4570, 4650?
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    i wouldnt buy any nvidia based laptop if my life depended on it after all the issues they have been having lately

    stick with anything ATi and you will be fine, there 100% native, newer the better but go by series, if your not gaming then dont bother with the higher numbers (eg 4330, 4570, 4650 will all do the same thing, but in games will be different - performance, same features tho etc)
  2. haha I wont then and yes i know what the numbers mean. I don't think I will be doing any gaming, but it doesnt mean i dont want to keep my options open
  3. Then a 4650 would be most appropriate as it's just a bit stronger then a 230m a 4570 is just below a 230m if you want the other way around. If i were to use sound via hdmi i would use a ATI card as it's a safer bet else you would have to confirm that the laptop can do sound pass-though over hdmi.
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