How much radiator for my setup

hello guys,
i made a post before trying to figure out the appropriate radiator for my system, and i get responses to read the sticky from this forum and i did read the sticky and it associates and still don't fully understand how much radiator i need.
anyway, i'm looking to cool a 2700k and two gtx 680 in sli, the gtx is a signature type that is super clocked. that's all i wanted to cool for now.

what i have found is "Black Ice GT Stealth 360 Radiator" from frozen cpu. i'm looking to get two of these to cool my cpu and two video cards. do you think this is enough or should i go with something bigger.

i'm not worry about size and fitness, only that it work.

thanks folks
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  1. Why that rad and not any other considerations?
  2. well, i was also looking at this too.
    Black Ice GTX Xtreme 480 Radiator

    but anything you recommend will be greatly appreciated. i'm really clueless on how much radiator i need for my.
  3. You'd probably need at least a 480 rad for two GPUs and a CPU, and that doesn't include OCing. You'd get good performance from an XSPC RX480 and some medium speed fans, but I haven't run the numbers. Make sure you run the numbers, otherwise my suggestion means nothing ;)
  4. Quote:
    Why that rad and not any other considerations?

    I'll rephrase- Why just Black Ice rads?

    And have you determined your estimated total loop TDP? This will help you decide what rad(s) to choose.
  5. Dude, "Black Ice GTX" sounds awesome. Why wouldn't you buy something that sounds awesome? ;)
  6. boiler1990 said:
    Dude, "Black Ice GTX" sounds awesome. Why wouldn't you buy something that sounds awesome? ;)

    FX, hehe
  7. I didn't know anything about it. I just picked it based on the reviews it had, and by the way, I was looking to use two of the 360 in series. But Boiler1990 said the 480 is probably minimal. Perhaps I can use two of them in series for extra headroom for some gentle over clocking?
  8. Two 360s might be what you need. What you need to do to be certain is calculate the TDP of your components.

    Find the TDP (thermal design power) of the CPU and GPU (which will be multiplied by 2) on the manufacturer websites. Add it all up and you have the total amount of heat that you need to dissipate.

    Then go look at rad reviews that are posted in the sticky. There will be charts that tell you for a certain delta how much heat is removed using certain types of fans. You need this number to exceed the TDP you calculated for best results.
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