Help me choose..please..urgent!

Im going to buy hard drive this Monday so I need great answer now.

I know Western Digital has several models (black, green, blue).

I plan to get the green Western Digital Sata. Goto to link below to see the details. Is it good (in daily usage and sometimes I play games)?

It is 3.5' , 1T of capacity, 64MB buffer DRAm size. Is it good? I heard that green WD hdd is the slowest, black is the fastest. Or am I wrong?

I plan to buy this hdd 1st, and wait until the Sata III here are in stocks. So im gonna use the Sata III as my main hdd (where OS installed) and this green WD hdd will be secondary hdd.

But will my pc handle 1TB hdd? Below is my pc specs...

PSU Micron TM 500W
Dual Core E5700 3.0Ghz
GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard

And, can you tell me why HDD does not last long even though it was never dropped, hit, etc.. It's just there, without being interrupted. My Samsung HDD 750GB Sata only lasted for a year. But suddenly, it just starting to not function properly. S.M.A.R.T shows the Spin Up Time failed (red), over 2000 bad sectors found and 74 delays detected (I used HDD Regenerator). What cause HDD failed suddenly? Is it because of PSU (over voltages), RAM, processor, cables, or electricity prob (suddenly shutdown), or any?

Thank you.
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    You already know that the Green is significantly slower than the Black or a Samsung F3. It's a good drive for the price.

    Why are you waiting for Sata III drives? They're not faster than Sata II and your motherboard is Sata II.

    Your motherboard supports 1 TB drives.

    Hard disks can fail anytime. Since yours still is under warranty, why not RMA it?
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