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Ok so for about 3 or 4 months now my computer has been running slower then it should based on its specs. I first noticed it in games, so Not thinking about the GPU at first, and my GPU temps being up around 102 C, I decided to get a new one. After installing my new HD 5850 from my old HD 4850, I noticed little to nothing performance upgrade. I ran benchmarks on the GPU to see if it was working at proper performance and it got great scores.

Now that I know it is not the GPU or the hard drive because I just picked up a Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB, and reinstalled my OS, I can only conclude the CPU. I have a Intel core 2 duo E8400, and and Asus p5q pro motherboard. Is there any test to make sure it is running properly, because I am running out of reason for the lack of performance. With my computer overall performance loading slowly and applications hanging I am thinking it is the CPU.

I have eliminated all the other variables it is either the CPU or the motherboard, can anyone help me out.
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  1. Did you check the temperatures of everything else. The GPU overheating is one thing, the CPU overheating is another. If you haven't an aftermarket cooler yet, I suggest you get one. It could be your CPU that's overheating and throttling itself.

    Make sure that the NB/SB coolers are properly making contact with the NB/SB. They can throttle, too.
  2. The temps seem to fine, the graphics card never gets hotter then it should. My CPU does have an aftermarket cooler and never goes above 50C
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