Are there any news for low-mid range 5xxx cards' release date?

hi.. i've been eyeing on purchasing the ATI 4550 (sapphire, low profile fanless version) coz it's the only one that can fit into my case and my psu can handle (250w).
i was wondering if i should wait a 'lil while for the current gen cards that of course will be much more powerful and hopefully not increase the wattage.
say an ATI 5550 or 5530? does anyone know when will be the release date for the low-mid range cards?
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    there should be something coming out January 7th and 20th
    5350 and 5570 or something like that

    edit anyhow the new Redwood and Cedar 40nm GPUs are scheduled for Q1 2010.
  2. i'm hoping of something that can be comparable to at least a 9500gt or maybe 9600gt that's somewhat a 4550's power draw. i think (judging from the website..) 5350 is the way to go, but i'ts not worth the wait if it has exactly the same punch as the 4550 which i'm planning to buy anytime soon ryt?

    but i guess it wouldnt hurt to wait either as prices may drop as soon as those cards are released.. crossed fingers....

    anyway, does anybody have a "leaked" spec sheet for the cedar cards? thanks!
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