No post beeps and no video

mobo: asrock 775v88+
mem: kingston ddr333 512 mb x4
video: ati Diamond Stealth s120 agp 8x
power suply: power 500v
hd: 120gb
i am getting no post beeps and no video took everything out and reinstalled everything but still nothing the h spins casefan and processer fan spins video card fan spins but still nothing i am lost on what could be worng can anyone help me . thanks for your help.
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  1. I would suggest you take out the mobo from the case and test it outside.

    First, connect the power, speaker, & CPU. Turn it ON. If you hear the beeps sound, then you can add the RAM back to the mobo. Be sure to turn OFF the system first. Next the video and then HD. You add component one at a time to determine where the problem might be.

    If everything works outside the case, but not inside. The maybe the grounding problem that cause your system not working.

    This is not a clever way to do, but will get you started to troubleshoot.


    P.S. Post beeps reference:
  2. Here's a troubleshooting checklist that was created to troubleshoot this type of problem:
  3. even if i take everything out and try just with the cpu speaker and the power i still get no post beeps
  4. Sounds like dead MoBo. But the worst PC problem is dead HDD. You can still connect your HDD to another PC and extract the data.
  5. andrewgetz said:
    even if i take everything out and try just with the cpu speaker and the power i still get no post beeps

    Silence instead of long single beeps with only PSU, motherboard, and CPU assuming that you do have a case speaker and good AC power into the case means that one of those three are bad.

    What kind of PSU?

    The "boot problems" sticky talks about breadboarding:

    There's a paragraph there about building and testing in stages.
  6. it is a MGE 500 Watt ATX 12V Black Power Supply the power suply is good the hard drive is good and there is a case speaker in it i was thinking that the mobo might be bad but wanted to get a secound opinion
  7. Andrew, I am having the same problem, with the same motherboard. Have you figured anything out yet? You can see my troubleshooting so far on
  8. Dapallox did you ever fix the problem?
  9. Dartix said:
    Dapallox did you ever fix the problem?

    What CPU using with the motherboard? New setup?
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