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i would like to learn to over clock i have a AMD FX-8120 and the asus crosshair V mobo and i would love to overclock it but can someone explain to me the upside to overclocking and how i would go about overclocking
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  1. 1. i wouldnt start overclocking unless you bought an aftermarket cooler

    2. overclocking is simply to get more preformance out of your system, i see about a 25% gain in video rendering from running my system at 4GHz over 3.2GHz... and its also got a nice ring to it :P

    3. if you go into your BIOS settings (or UEFI config) there should be a cpu section, raise the cpu multipier a few notches at a time... checking for stability each time (i suggest prime 95, and speedfan for monitoring temps) and when it becomes unstable raise the VCore until its stable again
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