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I'm building a new Rig for Work and Personal use. I will be using old components from my old PC which is a Dell Dimension 8300). Multi-tasking is my primary concern (e.g. working while playing DVDs for my daughter. Yes, I baby sit while working from home). I will be using this mainly for Web or Windows Application Development and I will be using Virtual PC or VMWare as a server. Another thing I will be using this to convert videos for my Daughter's media player and creating DVDs taken from different sources.

Here is my initial specs (My budget is £1000-£1400):

CPU: Intel i7-950 (No OC please)
Mem: Corsair 6GB XMS3
MB: Asus Rampage 2 Extreme
PSU: Coolermaster 1100w (I have 500W from my Old PC not sure if I can have 2 PSU or if its safer to just have 1)
Case: CM 690 (Was hpoping HAF-932 but no dust filters. But I want a tool-less Chassis)
GPU: ATI HD 5770 (Initially I'm thinking of getting HD 4650 as it's cheaper and just upgrade for a better GPU later). I'm not playing games anytime soon because I need to finish a project. I'm too keen with details Loves CGIs. I was thinking of buying NVIDIA because of Physx but I'll just save up until GTX 300 come out.
HDD: I've got 1 SATA and 2 IDE and planning to buy 500GB SATA to add because the other are more than 4 years old.
DVD: Lite-ON Blu-ray and DVD Reader
Cooler: Corsair H50

I'm planning to buy all this in My Next PC upgrade will be 4-5 years time (I'm Serious). :(

I need to build this by January because of my Project.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Hi fpsasm,

    Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, here are the only available GPU <= ATI 5770 please recommend a better GPU. Thanks.

    gtx 260 (price=ATI 5770)
    gts 250 1gb (price=ATI 5770-£21)
    gts 250 512 (price=ATI 5770-£38)
    9500gt (price=ATI 5770-£72.5)
    4650 (price=ATI 5770-£75.25)
    8400GS (price=ATI 5770-£90)
    2350 (price=ATI 5770-£91)

    About the Blu-Ray, I wanted to buy a separate player but I cannot do it with my current budget and it's more cheaper if i buy the Drive from the package (only +£32). I was also thinking of buying a better player because my daughter has old DVD and I wan to buy that would upscale it. But that's not my priority at the moment. I just want to buy the basics and those components that I could save from buying in a package. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks fpsasm. Appreciate it? Do you think GTX 260 can handle 1080p as well? Thanks.
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