The biggest hardware/software problem of all time!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the tabloid thread name :O Im just kind of desperate about the issues here!
Literally, got some hardware/software problems with GPU and monitor. Dont know if they are somehow related but still trying to figure it out.

So for general information: I bought a new rig with core i5, Sapphire HD 5770 (new edition/egg cooler), 4GB DDR3, Gigabyte P55-UD3.. installed Windows 7 32bit and all the latest drivers for the HW (BIOS, chipset, GPU, display etc). And everything would be just perfect if not a few things. When I run GPU-Z, it seems to me that I dont get enough of info about the GPU.

And also when I'm running EasyTune 6, the 'Graphics' section is blocked, means its not even clickable there. Cant figure out what is causing such an issue.
And another difficulty is the monitor. Im using Samsung P2350. Like I mentioned, got all the latest drivers installed including display drivers and stuff. Monitor is connected thorugh the DVI cable and settings are at its top: 1920x1080, 60 Hz, 32bit color.
But the image quality is still quite confusing. I mean the color transition isn't smooth at all. For example, if i look at a simple picture with a white-to-black transition, I see the transition to be kinda linear.. you know, like it used to look on an image with low settings. I was pretty sure that it isnt an issue for a decent LCD monitor but mine is proving me wrong damnit :O
Same stuff with the videos by the way, sh!tty color transition and image is ugly and 'squarey' also.
Totally not what i expected!
Any reasonable suggestions would be super appreciated because Im out of any ideas at the moment.

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  1. My money is on bad graphics driver.

    Uninstall the one you have now... Even better, run driver Sweeper adn delete everything Graphics driver related.

    Then reboot and download the latest ATI driver in the 800x600 majesty and see if that resolves the issue. I highly doubt its a problem or incompatibility with the monitor.
  2. Have u try to uninstall and clean install the driver for your GPU?
  3. Surely I reinstalled the GPU drivers several times. Downloaded catalyst 9.11 from the official ATI/AMD website but the issue remains :(
    Thats awful!
    Will try to run driver sweeper and do all the stuff.. we'll see how it goes.

    UPDATED: Nope, Driver Sweeper and another reinstall didnt help! So people please HELP! :O
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