OC'ing i5 3570K system

I have done a few builds in the past but never tried to really do any overclocking outside of unlocking cores or boosting the gpu speeds. I am planning a new build and will be ordering it soon (about a month) and have decided that I want to try my hand at overclocking since it seems relatively straight forward, just adjusting voltages and multipliers to find that stable sweet spot. here is my current rig idea, comments welcome...

i5 3570K
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Crucial Ballistix sport 16GB @ 1600 cas9
OCZ Vertex 3 120gb
WD 1tb Hdd
h100 LCS w/ 2 cougar 120mm fans instead of stock
Switch 810 case

I am not trying to make a crazy high OC, I'm just shooting for a stable and cool 4.2/4.3. From what I've read that should be more then feasible on the i5 especially with the h100. My big questions are about the Mobo and the ram. I know 16gb is overkill to everyone, but memory is cheap so I figured it was worth the upgrade. From what i've been reading tho, the i5/i7 really doesn't benefit from anything over 1333 so this brought up a few questions.

1) worth investing in 1600 when I'm overclocking my cpu, or is 1333 still good enough?

depending on the previous answer...

2) would spending a little extra cash to get 1600 cas8, be worth it?
2b) if 1333 is good enough for my planned OC, what about getting 1600 cas8 and downclocking it to 1333 cas7?
2c) better to run 8gb x 2 or 4gb x 4? if I go 4x4 route I think I can manage 1333 cas6, worth it then?

now onto the mobo...

I've read good reviews about the board, but just want to hear what others think about it. Its nothing fancy, but has potential for SLI if I still want to splurge and run dual 670s in the future, and I hear it is good for overclocking with. any personal reviews on it? I just know that some boards are great for OC'n and some suck at it. I just don't want to get the latter...

Like I said this build is still a few weeks off and I just have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head (and subsequently my newegg final price just keeps climbing...) so I am just trying to get as much info as I can. Open to all comments, either about OC or just about my system build
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  1. Don't get an H100, that is all. For the price of the H100 and 2 cougar fans, it's already more than an entirely custom watercooling loop.
  2. Is this considered necroing? lol anywaaays, I'd love to learn more how to do my own watercooling loop.
  3. RAM is so cheap these days, just go with the 4x4gb of 1600MHz. Don't worry about downclocking to 1333. Your board will usually automatically configure the proper timings and what not.

    If possible, I'd also go with a push/pull configuration with the h100 (that's if you don't want to deal with a custom loop WC solution).
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