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I am installing a Gigabye MOBO with aa AMD Athlon II X2 240 dual core processor. I'm putting it in a micro case and have space restrictions. Where can I get a good small heatsink and fan? The Thermaltake TR2-R1 I purchased is too big.

Andie Z
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  1. Is there anything wrong with the stock HSF?

    If you want a really low profile solution arctic cooling do the freezer 7 LP, or hiper do media centre HSFs that are 35mm high in total.

    What case do you have?
  2. The stock HS should work fine....

    If you would like more options, take a look at Frostytech's Low Profile HS List.
  3. yea why cant you use the stock heat sink, or did you buy it without heat sink from newegg?
  4. I think the stock heat sink may have been too large. I got the Thermaltake TR2-R1 to fit by beating it with a hammer. Not really. It's quite tight. If I can find a suitable good sink, I'll swap it out.

    Andie Z
  5. you must have a really small case or something... i always go mid atx or full atx!!!
  6. It's a Chenbro. Very nice and about a third of the size of a mid atx. No screws or
    tools needed for swaps. Swing-out racks for HDD, DVD, etc.
  7. also cramped= less airflow = less room for modern gpu= heating issues= less expansion bays= get a mid atx!!!!
  8. not being mean but room should never have to be an issue..
  9. Hey, I have three mid ATXs sitting here running, and an IBM Micro. I wanted something nice looking that I could use in my living room for a media center. I started to give my laptops away because they are an abomination. Not really. The ThinkPads just aren't fun. I'll keep one for traveling and one for us in the kitchen exclusively for recipes and cooking. I'm 70 years old and haven't really got into computers.
  10. Its just insane to me that the stock heat sink is to big... they make those small as they get... most of the time people complain that the stock heat sink is to small for them!!!
  11. you could go with a liquid cooled block or something i guess but your running a risk in liquid cooling... water+electronics= disaster waiting to happen... but if the stock heat sink is to big im not sure what to recomend because you need heat disapation or you could risk overheating the cpu.
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